Sukkiest Movies EVAR!

Emerald Forest

Holy Hell this movie sucks ass! My mom made me watch it in my wee years and I’ve never been the same. I now know just how bad a movie can be. And the only “good” thing about this movie is that some years into our marriage I happen to mention it to Otto, who amazingly had to endure the same damn thing. Flabbergasted, I guess we really were meant for each other. The psychic trauma must have been severe for both of us and we somehow subconsiously pair bonded thru the ether over that.

The Fluffer

We thought this was gonna be funny. The description on the back of the rental copy looked freekin hillarious. Who know it was serious?!? OH MY GODS! I still cannot believe we sat thru the whole thing. Gives me hope for being able to withstand “You Got Served”, tho….

space reserved for “You Got Served
I’m already giggling with glee as I read the comments which start with “Like Polio, this should be wiped from the face of the Earth.” [insert hideous cackle here]