music to fuck by

While there is most certainly the hard, heavy, driving, pounding, screeming, explicit shit…
You’ll notice the vast majority of this stuff can be classified as smooth and sensuous, meant for a long, slow fuck. Candles nice, camera optional.

Sorry… I’m not a Barry White kind of gal… shudder

4 Degrees (Tool)
Beneath the Skin (Collide)
Bitch (Dope)
Digital Bath (Deftones)
Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World (Marilyn Manson)
415 (Prosolar Mechanics)
Frozen (Celldweller)
Let’s Fuck (Dope)
Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)
Me and Myself (Lords of Acid)
Meaning of Life (Disturbed)
Nasty Love (Lords of Acid)
Passenger (Deftones)
Prison Sex (Tool)
Red Down the Middle (Prosolar Mechanics)
Rev 22:20 (Puscifer)
Send Me an Angel (Zeromancer)
Sexual Animals (Sarah Fimm)
Space Lord (Monster Magnet)
Sweetest Perfection (Depeche Mode)
Tainted Love (Marilyn Manson)
Tempted (and the Conjured One remix, of course) (Collide)
Thinking of You (A Perfect Circle)
Voyeur (Red Delicious)
Want (DIsturbed)
World in My Eyes (Depeche Mode)

Certainly not a complete list…