Movies that Rock

So, I figured I’d start a list of good (and awful) movies, prolly only because I have nothing better to do. One will likely note that the vast majority of movies in this catagory (”rock”) have big explosions, cool fight scenes, or are animated. The best ever, have all three. (I’m looking at you, Battle Angel.) One will also note a distinct lack of “chick flicks”, “romantic comedies”, or movies deemed “touching”. Though one may find a few over in “Worst Movies Ever”, for the most part, I avoid those genres like the freekin plague. *shudder*
So, in no particular order…

Battle Angel

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This movie just kicks ass. It’s like Armatage, in that all the good crap about anime is in here, with none of the slow boring bits. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Akira is beautiful and all… but it’s definitely something a girl can easily fall asleep during. The first 2 times I watched Akira I did just that.

Battle Angel is in the normal cyberpunky-type theme, which is good. The action is kick ass, the plot is decent and decently paced, and it’s just over all very well done. I prefer (as in most of my anime) the original Japanese (with subtitles, obviously, since I don’t have the real ambition to learn the language), but the English dub isn’t half bad.

Definitely recomended, it’s not the kind of movie where you have to really like anime or really appreciate artistry to watch.

Armitage III
Army of Darkness
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

more will be added.