Art Projects

Projects I’m thinking about doing. No idea as to when or how or how much or if they will ever get finished… but still.

Tarot Sets

These will be prints, double sided. The backs will be one of 12 (the same for a whole set) zodiac signs. The faces (starting out with major arcana) will be of various images and will be standard regardless of which back image is used. Will become available for sale, should there be a desire. I’ll start with a set for myself, and so the first I’ll have is Aries.

Mini Painting

We still have that crap-load of house ballast around known as minis… most of which are unpainted, many are only half done or still only primed. I plan on at least finishing the ones that are primed and beyond but not done… plus touch up a few that have needed it over the years. I prolly won’t get to any totally new painting, but that’s life. I’m ok with that for now. I am, however, worried that much of the paint may have dried… since it has been a goodly amount of time since the last time any were used.

Army Man Wall

This project started for sculpture class fell apart a little before I brought it in for safety. It also was waaay too small for my taste, and I’ve been meaning to build it up to respectable proportions. I’ll be getting around to doing just that. First, by using up all the men I have, and then slowly getting more and more men. I’d like a mondo huge wall but that’s thousands of little men and highly unlikely. I’ll settle for something that at least it a few feet in each direction for now.

Clay Guys

For, of course, a bit of stop motion animation fun. I’ve started heads, but I lost them. Besides, the heads were playdoh. Fine for heads, I suppose, and maybe a few other parts… but I’ve noticed two very distinct properties of playdoh that make it less than idea for this task. #1: Far too mushy and soft and lacking stability whilst “wet” and #2: Brittle and unmovable when dry. So, we’ll get something else. Modeling clay that doesn’t dry or something like that.

Sculpy world

Speaking of clay… I’ve been meaning to make a few things out of some sculpey I have sitting around, and maybe some rather cool beads and small thingies (I hate when the words don’t come) with the fimo I have around. Crap… is it sculpy? or sculpey? I can’t remember, they both look wrong.