Silly internet games and other whatnots

It’s kinda fun, but it seems like tomorrow is always a day away. myBrute
Come on, you know you wanna, just a little bit. :-P

In other news, I’ve been working on more projects, obviously. While I’m doing stuff to hand in, I’m also tweaking the stuff that goes into my portfolio and and some personal side projects. First looks usually go up on the tumble log. More in depth looks for some stuff can be seen on Artsy Fartsy.

I’m gonna seriously spend the summer getting a whole assload of shit done when it comes to workout logs, redesigning/refining werkit, getting up a few shops, getting in some good photography time, and seriously adding to my portfolio. I’m at least going to be able to offer sets of postcards and block printed greeting cards for sale. I’m gonna be able to offer logs for sale, including potentially whole log book companions for various routines out there. I need to move on, even if I’m kept in school longer than I was planning. If all I end up having to do this summer is physical therapy, then at least I’ll have time.

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