waay too ocd, and little things turn into a big time sink. especially when adding in a “just one more” problem. *sigh*

I’m finding all sorts of reasons to not be working on my princess project. Prolly cuz I’m worried about fking it up. even though I can’t really. But if I got on it, and even if I did mess up, it’s easy to redo, given enough time. Mostly, it’s just that I’d prefer to goof off with just one more thing to read/look at/do here and there. Even my goof-off time isn’t well spent lately. There’s been no gaming, no porn, nuthin. Hell, I’m not even actually getting around to watching the last Bikini Bandits dvd we’ve had around for forever. Just silly internet crap. That or a lot of lying around trying make my leg unswell or being too tired and needing naps.

Seriously, I’m sick of the fatigue. We go out and into one store for a short time and I’m utterly drained. It’s all just so… OZAY! grr.

Did a few more postcard designs, so I guess that’s some kind of progress, although not in something that needs to get done.

I’m bored. I can’t go anywhere. I can’t drive. I can’t walk far. House chores are taxing as hell. Can’t mow the lawn, move furniture, or do anything taxing. I have 3 weeks left of school and am just so over this shit. I’m frustrated and hanging in limbo. All my fucking plans for school and graduating and interning and being done with this shit are on hold and therefore likely extended another damn semester.

I need to go to the gym. It might help. Maybe. Supposed to go 4 or so times a week, hasn’t happened yet. Have worked out a few times at home, but the cage isn’t terribly helpful in this case. Not like I can just start deading and crap, which is what I want to do.

I need to get out. Like now. Walk around in the nice evening or something. now.

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  1. Roland Says:

    Hang in there.

  2. Aoife Says:


    I am. Sometimes barely, but soon it’ll be summer and I can just concentrate on making my time count, regardless of which short-term path I end up on.

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