I’ve just not had much to say lately. I was actually moving along nicely before the accident, and now I’m playing catch up in all my work to not be a total slacker and get things done in time. Most of my school/work stuff is in my other blog, most of my ramblings have been on JP (and there hasn’t been much of that lately) and otherwise I’m just busy getting some shit done. Nothing feels like I’m getting anything done, as life is one big perpetual motion machine, or it’s all about entropy, or some stupid crap like that.
I have a new tumble log (me @ tumblr).
I have a new krop portfolio (me @ krop).
I have been adding stuff to flickr again.
and I have a big hematoma on my knee that a surgeon will be looking at tuesday. and I’m fucking sick of being gimpy. but complaining don’t do no good, so I’m just trying to get shit done and not be upset about the cankle.
We’re working on redoing Werkit. It should help a lot and look much better.
We might even be trying to offer logs to purchase (printed books, etc).
I set up an Etsy account but I’m not doing much about it right now. But might sell some cards or postcards.
I’m looking into an alternative to cafepress because I just don’t like a lot of their stuff.
I’m working on a positive and uplifting piece for Peace’s Wellness Center. It makes me smile.
I’m also working on posters about domestic violence and its effect on children, and that troubles me. Since 2 of us in my class are working on domestic violence, our instructor shared a disturbing story with us (family of a friend of a friend) that is just blow-your-fucking-mind insane and how-the-fuck-can-people-DO-this-shit-to-other-people sad. Nail guns weren’t meant to be used on 4-month pregnant women. *sigh*
I don’t know what we’re doing about insurance or a car or if I should get a lawyer for the amount of time and money this accident has cost me…
But in general I’m alive and well so that’s something… right?

Oh, and sorry about the comments. I didn’t know there were any awaiting moderation (besides the cyrillic/engrish spam, of course).

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