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Well then, moving on

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Ever notice how desire to do something rarely translates into actually doing it? Or are you completely unlike me and actually a productive person?

Today I’m moving forward trying out a few new things. Spend less time goofing off on those crazy intertubez and more time doing something a bit more productive. I’m not so much hoping for something magical to happen, I kinda still like my lazy self, but talk is cheap and makes people (read: me) fat. Analyze this and think about that and read this other thing and blah blah blah…

Fuck it.
I don’t do shit for other people. I do them for me. And trying to be impressive to other people doesn’t get me anywhere because I really don’t want to impress people. I don’t care what you think I look like. I know that, because if I did, then the thought of getting all slim and sexay and buff to show off would actually translate into my ass in the gym… and it doesn’t. It hasn’t for years.

Frankly, the intertubez has ruined my waistline. Forums have robbed me of the will to DO shit, by allowing me to talk about shit. Talking about shit is much easier than doing it, see, and so the more I talk, the less I do.

It doesn’t matter where I go on the intertubez, I still get the same result of ass not in gym. So, I leave the intertubez behind, somewhat, and concentrate more on just doing and not talking. No more posted workouts here, because that’s just a pain in the fucking ass anyway. I don’t care if anyone sees what I did (or didn’t, most usually) do, and I doubt anyone who reads (wait, that’s not anyone anyway) cares what I did or didn’t do. So fuck it.

Really, why bother anyway? Noone comes here except to read a post about FFXII anyway. Might as well just talk about porn and music and shit. At least then it’ll be something interesting to me. Now let’s go find some hentai!

Speaking of pr0n, I might be in lurve of Stoya…

PS. Damn the fucking cat dropped a HUGE one. pew!