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Monday, December 22nd, 2008

There are some posts from my log over at JPFitness that I had thought were here but aren’t. I’m now copying them over and backdating them. I am doing many, but a few for my own records mostly.

That would be where I’m posting my mental shit lately, if at all. My current log is here: Aoife in Wonderland: Log at I’m incapable of posting training and shit in 20 million places, and until I get other items up and running that might make that more possible, I post where I get to converse and have a level of community. Noone ever comes here unless they’re searching the internets for a few specific things, and only about 5 posts of mine are regularly viewed.

But this is still all mine and can’t just magically disappear, and hence why I’m pulling over a few posts.

It is break time, and I’m cleaning house, rearranging house, and getting work done on and I am putting together my physical portfolio and resume, and will be getting back in order soon as well.

And now it’s time to make some dinner.