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Surrounded by stupid

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

It’s just everywhere I look. Some people in my classes, some people’s facebook shit, those fucking McCain/Palin stickers/signs… For crying out loud, why the hell am I getting so fucking much election mail? Surely those trees would have preferred life.

There’s McCain signs out with “pro-life” attached at the bottom. They mispelled “pro-birth” since that’s what many pro-lifers really are. You know, the ones that bitch about welfare, or don’t want people to have health insurance, don’t care about educating those babies and all that shit. HAVE THE DAMN BABY! YOU MUST! CHOOSE LIFE! and then fuck you when it comes to taking care of it and helping it to have a healthy, happy life. And fuck the lives of anyone not an unborn, often not even viable fetus. You all deserve exactly what you get, because your mother was “pro-life.” Fuck those unamerican bastards. Fuck the frenchies, or the middle east, or the mexicans (there’s only 4 people in the world: white, black, chinese, and mexican), or the terrorists.

Ah, to be “independent” in a place where the only non-retarded choices seem to be dems… barely I might add.

It’s not that I’m anti-Obama… I’m not and think he’d be fine. It’s that for once, I’d like to actually be making a choice of “who could best lead this country out of these fine specimens of humanity?” Not “shit, who’s gonna do the least damage in the next 4 years?” Or “well, at least there’s ONE ok candidate.”

And could someone please be “pro-life” against whatever brain sucker got at McCain? Because I’m pretty sure something happened in 06 or so, that made him just go all stupid and shit.

I fucking hate election materials. It’s the only mail I get. I like not getting mail (or at least, I like getting no mail if I can’t constantly have checks in the mail, made out to me, for pretty much anything more than $10, but don’t worry, if you only want to send me $5, I won’t reject it). I hate the damn signs. I mean, it’s mildly interesting from a design aspect, but only mildly, because there’s about as much creativity in election shit most of the time as there is unslanted, unbiased truth.

I figure it’s easier to bitch about politics than the more insidious and constant stupidity around me perpetuated by retards on fitness boards and idiotic 20-year-old girls at a christian college. Because I see a little Sarah reflected in all of them. Apparently completely lacking in any resemblance of thought. I cringe as I look around and see the future about me. And it’s a 22 year old girl who doesn’t want to bulk up and thinks obama is a nigro terrorist.

Where’s my pink dumbbell? I need to fling it at some people’s heads.