Urgency and Importance

This is something Otto and I rant about all the time, and it really applies anywhere in life. Some things are too important to be treated as urgent.

My mom texted me in the middle of the day one day to tell me my cousin’s cancer was back. Really. That’s it. Nothing else. I was in class and she was at work, and neither of us could talk or anything, but she needed to send something that badly? It couldn’t wait for some kind of longer explanation/conversation? How is that news so urgent? What am I gonna do about it?

Otto frequently runs into people at work who think something is really really really important and must get done now. Fuck accuracy, quality, or even if it can be done, it HAS to be. NOW. Really? (Oh and don’t forget chat!)

If it’s so fucking important, people, it’s too important to rush. It’s too important to carelessly toss caution and procedure and quality aside to just get it done. It is NOT URGENT.

Let’s talk about true urgency. Something really important where fast action is required. Some poor schmuck has a heart attack. We all know that speed is of the essence. You quickly get the aspirin, call 911, etc. But even this, especially this, is too important to be treated as urgent. When the paramedics get there, they don’t just grab the defib and go to town on the guy. They assess the situation, check pulse and breathing, try some cpr… the drastic action waits until necessary, and before that it’s just smart action done without hesitation and procrastination. Done quickly, but not carelessly. Speed is important, but not the MOST important. Speed shouldn’t impact quality.

Yes, I’ll admit that the incredibly amusing but otherwise lacking in true grandeur flounce of our (h)alarious friend looking for metabolic rate information was on my example list here. The need for speed, the urgency in which the data must be collected to help people NOW is highly amusing. We all know better.

How many things in life do we treat as urgent, get it done at all costs and super quick because we need it done NOW. ? How much do we sacrifice quality? If these things are so important, why are we doing the shittiest job possible for the sake of urgency? What does that really get us?

It doesn’t mean go slow and take your sweet-assed time. Efficiency is important. Care is important. Quickness is important. But not sheer speed.

Remember that the next time you forgo proper process and thought and procedure and crap on people who are good and efficient and tell them to fuck it cuz it has to be faster. Even if those people are you. Do it right.

Because some things are too important to be treated as urgent.

and yes, that does count for fat loss too

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