After 1 week of OPT

Didn’t do any recovery. Really, just completely forgot to before I talked about it on some thread somewhere, but overall I do stretch/foam/mobility/etc throughout the day, and concentrate more when I need it. So, not a huge loss; I’ll try to be better about it.

last monday to today, got in 4 of 4 lifts, 2 of 3 cardio. It’s the time. I’ll work it in better this week.
Lost 3.2 pounds.
went over cals 4 days, but average was actually 1200 which is ok. it was an over/under of usually 25 cals.

Tired some, and a little more lax than normal, due to the being a girl thing, but overall not bad.

I find it somehow harder to stay at 1200 when I’m supposed to be at 1200 than staying at 1200 when having a real target of 1400. Is odd, likely just that brat that doesn’t like not being allowed to have more, but wanting it anyway, versus not caring with the higher allotment. Oh well, I can grin and bear it for a few weeks.

Overall, I’m down 10 pounds from my initial start of seriously bearing down and tracking calories at the beginning of last month. I’m almost back to 150s, and soon after the size 8s should start slowly fitting again, depending on cut/brand. I’m slowly fitting into some of the 10s, but again, everything is variable. I’ve shed the weight I gained last semester and have 5 weeks till school again, I think. If I basically was down 10 pounds in 4-5 weeks this past, with less of a deficit, I should be able to be nearly at 150 by school start. Then I’ll prolly need a smaller deficit, but we’ll see when I get there.

I don’t really plan on taking too much of a break for week 4 of OPT, but I’ll keep in the spirit, stop lifting, do regen, activity, light cardio, recovery, wii, walk, etc. So, basically not sit on my ass, and do what I can with the further reduction in calories for that week.

We got icecream yesterday at the “local” farm (Maple View) and it was yummy. I have a lift scheduled for today. Cardio was yesterday, that’ll get posted shortly.

I feel much better. Hungry, but better.
If I had to pick one really good thing about FLTS for me, it would be that it tells me what is low enough and what is too low, and how it’s all based on the intensity of what you do. And even though I was coming around in my own thinking on some of these things and more, having someone else tell you is good reinforcement that it will work if I let it. Sometimes, it’s really ok to go for that sunday drive and be 10 miles an hour under the speed limit. (just not literally when you’re in front of me and I want to be somewhere and you won’t be nice and pull the hell over and let me pass but that’s a different rant.)

I feel, above all, grounded and centered enough to see clearly and trust myself. I don’t think I did before. I would tell other people things would work, but I wouldn’t believe it for myself. Not that I thought I was special, just that I was unlucky.

I know how most of the women are around here. We strive, we like to work, we like to accomplish. We want to feel good about a job well done and all our hard work. If we’re carrying extra fat but work hard, we still feel ok, because we’re not sitting on our asses and we’re WORKING.

And like every thing else in the damn world, smart work trumps hard work when it comes to results. It’s just that we don’t like to believe it. It’s the poor man’s solace, right? Better than the rich because of the actual hard work done. Makes ya a better person, right?

It’s not about hard work. It’s about smart work, and the discipline to stay straight and do it. That goes for anything. Working hard for the sake of working hard is why so many people burn out. They are inefficient workaholics who can’t just step back, breathe, assess, and dive in smartly, stopping when they’re just spinning their wheels in futility. They aren’t aware enough of their own limitations and the importance of working within them to achieve their goals.

Limitations are only bad if you ignore them and pretend they don’t exist, or if you use them as an excuse to do nothing. Otherwise, they’re a boon that help you set guidelines to better achieve your goals with less stress, injury, and time and money spent.

blah blah blah…

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