Crap to keep in mind:

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A pria bar is 110 calories. A snack size cup of cottage cheese is 110 calories. One satisfies hunger much better than the other one. However, the pria bar does get points for being chocolaty.

But, remember that a single ghiradelli square is only 70-80 calories, and way better quality of chocolate. So you only need one. Esp if you get the dark w/ caramel.

Resting if you need to (and are too tired/overwhelmed to work out) is better than driving yourself into the wall at full speed. That day could be better spent upping NEAT, since if you go ahead and bang your head against that wall, you’re usually just gonna lose those calories burned on lowered activity throughout the day, netting you nothing but exhaustion.

A good approach for balance can be as simple as a single question. Did I work out yesterday? If no, then you can likely do something today. If yes, then you’ll likely be ok if today is only activity and recovery.

Having a clean house can do wonders for stress and anxiety levels. Chaos in view is chaos in mind. There’s a reason Zen is so clean.

Having a way to chart progress, of any kind, is a good thing for those who always feel like they’ve done nothing or should be doing more.
I log what I eat. I make a list of todos and can see what I’ve crossed off. I have a log of my NEAT. I chart my weight. I still may feel at the end of the day like I’ve done nothing, but if I look at the paperwork, I can see otherwise.

If the task can be done in under 2 minutes, and there’s nothing keeping you from doing it now, do it now. Then, it’s one less thing on a list, one less thing looping in your brain, one more thing done for the day. Little things are easy to take care of. Why the heck should it be allowed to conglomerate with other little things to become a mountain to tackle?

If you have any time to read a book to help improve your life, and haven’t read it yet, read Getting Things Done. You may not find everything the way he does it useful, but some of it is, the reasoning is sound and can help you find your own path, and there’s so much less on your mind when you have a system.

Remember that a TO DO list is things to DO. Not vague ideas, not projects, not categories. Very simple things to do. This means complete sentences. DO NOT forget the verb. That’s what’s telling you what TO DO.

Don’t wash dishes in hot water. Sucks for your hands, runs up your bills, and warm works just fine. That’s why people invented soap.

Brush your teeth.

Always seek the path that requires the most movement. Consider it more NEAT. It may not be as efficient, but efficiency is for the mind tasks. The physical ones should require you being physical.

Work to become more self-aware. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Really understand what’s going on with you. You can’t truly move on till you find out where the hell you are now.

Understand how you really work best. Don’t think you’re really able to multi-task intensive tasks, you can’t. Multi-tasking is for tasks that don’t require focus. Most of your real work requires focus. Many things will steal that focus, and like meditation, it takes a bit before you’re at that focus point. That’s fine, it’s how it works. Learn to use that.

Make every calorie count (esp if you’re eating at a deficit). Make it fulfill some need. It’s filling, it’s packed with micronutrients, it’s killing the craving, something. Everything eaten should be for a purpose. If your purpose is because you’re bored, can’t find something better, too lazy for real food, it was thereā€¦ you’re cheating yourself.

Don’t live your life like you have to always be on one pedal or the other. Accelerate or break. It’s a waste. Find the constant. Occasionally coast. Less wear and tear that way.

Don’t forget to smile. Often. For no reason other than to give yourself a pick-me-up. Remember that smiles, like many other things, are infectious. And, when you smile, it makes other people wonder what you’re up to. Add a little wink when they look confused. Guaranteed to bring about a little chuckle inside.

Pet an animal. It makes you feel good.

Go do something today that you can be proud of.

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