So I took yesterday off. I was just unable to squat, and it seemed to me that my fun time with wii fit was also just adding to the soreness. So a day off, some light stretching and whatnot, and I’m feeling much better today. Today is squat day.

I’m also planning on adding in some HELL stuff to my workouts. Today is a nice day for a bike ride, I have to mow… so I have a couple things to move me around, and I will do soon since I’m having lunch out with Otto.

I hate TGI Friday’s website, and apparently you can’t have nutrition info on it, so I’ll have to look elsewhere to see how much yesterday cost me (yes, the steamed, plain, nothing on it broccoli is prolly gonna kill me.)

Got We Ski yesterday, because we were mistaken in thinking that Lego Indy came out this week, when it doesn’t (bummer) and so got that instead. Is fun, will be more fun when I figure out how to do more stuff with it. But overall, I’m spending less time on my ass than in previous summers.

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