It’s killing me. People using excel for fucking everything. Oh hey, it’s a grid, I’ll use it. Ugh.
What the hell?

I know… I know… ya have no idea how bad it looks. Ya think excel and word are fine for all your needs, and can’t imagine how they couldn’t be. SHEESH. Excel is a spreadsheet. FOR SPREADSHEETING. Numbers, adding, complex equations, amortization tables.. Word is for writing letters and essays. Neither are meant for more than that. Why the hell do people use them for every damn thing under the sun?


Why? I don’t get it. If you want a grid, go buy some damn gridded paper.

When you excel for things like recipes, address books, workout logs, inventories, or just as a way to get a purty grid… you make me cry.

And god kills a kitten.

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