Training: 5/24/08

It was very late. I was tired. Took it super easy (as one can tell by the low squat weight) and didn’t do anything else but a bit of wii fit as warmup.

workout log 5/24/08

music: none

2 Responses to “Training: 5/24/08”

  1. FishrCutB8 Says:

    Motivation is nothing in the face of discipline. Discipline is that stalwart friend that is always there, the dog to the motivation cat. Stay strong.

  2. Aoife Says:

    It is not that I lack discipline (not that I’m saying you’re saying that, heh). But that I don’t apply it to every aspect of my life.
    I sometimes lack an overall focus and get sidetracked into whatever is occupying my attention at the moment, and therefore other things may fall by the wayside.
    Or, I did.

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