Fuck Motivation

Yeah, fuck it right in the ear.
Fuck it. Fuck it hard. Fuck it and forget it.
Because it’s fucking flighty as hell, a fair-weather friend, and because you like to use it’s lack of presence as an excuse to not do what needs to be fucking done.

Are you fucking motivated to breathe?

What the hell does motivation really get you? What does inspiration get you? What does anything you have to wait around for get you?

Fucking nothing but a fat ass and NOTHING DONE.

Fuck it.

“But I’m not motivated,” you say.

So what?

Do it any way. Get off your lazy, sorry, procrastinating ass and DO IT.

Go fucking lift something heavy. Take a goddamn walk. Cook a healthy meal. Just fucking do it already, ok? You can whine about your lack of motivation while you’re sweating. You can swear at its inconsistency while you bust your ass to reach your “goal.”

Why do I say “goal” and not goal? Because it’s not your fucking goal if you just want to wish for it and do nothing to accomplish it.

You know what? Life is full of distractions, demotivators, excuses, good enoughs, and your fucking willingness to sit on your fucking ass and whine all damn day about them.

If it needs to be done, do it. Simple as that.

If there’s nothing actually wrong with your sorry ass other than sheer laziness and “lack of motivation” then just get the hell up and get your ass moving.

Come the fuck on.

Seriously. What the hell is so bad about your damned life that you need someone to save your sorry ass? Need someone or something to motivate you? Puh-leeze. You lazy shit.

“Oh, it’s not fun,” you whine.

So what? Neither is your stupid job, right? Or school. Or whatever the hell other million and one things you have to do every. damn. day. of your life that you do anyway, without fail. Maybe you’re motivated to. Maybe it’s habit. Or maybe you just fucking know it fucking needs to be done and so you just fucking do it.

Why the hell do you feel the fucking need to drain the life out of everyone around you by making them motivate you? Are you that damn important? Really? Why not just give a little and motivate them by doing the work you need to do. Set an example, don’t bleed them dry.

Seriously. It just needs to get done. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like it. If you don’t want to. If you don’t feel motivated to. If it’s not fun.

Stop breathing.

What happens?

Everything just goes black.

Is that what you really want?


All because your motivation left you?

Just get up. It’s not hard, I promise. You’ll feel better afterward. You’ll be proud, accomplished, and definitely humbled because you are NOT what you once were. But that is the past and the past can’t help you now, unless you let it. The past can’t drag you down unless you let it. Be better than the past. Be more than just what you used to be. Don’t worry about being motivated. It NEEDS to be done.

So go.



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