Day 11,727

Nothing terribly interesting.

I got a new tablet yesterday, the thing us hyooge! I hearts it berry much.

My favourite lolz for the day:
kitteh listen to kitteh's butt

Someone bought me and nicknamed me on friends for sale… and Otto doesn’t yet have the cash to buy me back.
aoife for sale

My kittehz needs them some vet appointments, though I doubt they’ll approve.

I fell asleep for an accidental nap that lasted an hour. It’s not my fault. The bed tripped me. And then a kitteh got on top of me and licked my arm into submission. Now my arm smells like cat spit. Apparently it’s now clean.

I’m having a hard time. I have all day to do stuff, but today has been mostly petting fluffs. Why? Donno. Killing time, I guess. Oddly satisfying, maybe.

Stan is in the box the scanner came in. Flipper is rather interested. Stan is eating the foam wrapper. I have no idea why, but these dudes LOVE foam… in all kinds of foams. Weird.

Workout coming up in a bit, although traps are sore from pulling yesterday. Prolly some cardio and shoulder prehab. Have I mentioned I hate shoulder prehab? Because I do. I hate things that remind me how much I suck. I hate the scale today too, but not as much as I have the last 2 weeks. Not so much progress, but coming to terms with the fact that I have really let myself go.

I’m going back to working on the household budget and getting all our records in order and working on This is just another bunch of minutes I’m happily frittering away. I’m overall content, if feeling a bit lazy. Finally relaxed.

Do have a nice day. Waste a few minutes doing nothing. I promise the world won’t end.

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