So I have stages 1-5 finished, refinished, and finished again. Sigh. Damn stupid mid-plan changes that I forget to retroactivate. Yes, dammit, it’s a word. Bite me.

Ok, so the New Rules of Lifting (NRoL) logs are finished and up and have been.

The New Rules for Women logs are somewhat up (1-4 atm) and the rest are going up in a bit.

That then leaves me to start slowly working on the TNT logs and some other random stuff, as well as site redesign. Which, actually, is going rather splendidly and I muchly like the new design to the old one that’s so generic paper napkins are more innovative. :-P

I’ve had my couple days of just braindeadness coupled with restlessness and spurts of ideas and “let’s do everything at once” moments. Now I’m just finishing some lingering details of things hanging over my head before truly moving on and powering ahead.

Training logs aside, training has been ok. Not swimmingly yet, but ok. I’m regaining my endurance, conditioning, and whatnot… though not yet my absolute drive and resolve. That’s ok. I just need to do it for now, and not hate it. It has to be done. Something does. It doesn’t always have to be full throttle (though that would be nice to be back into that groove)… but also the food needs working on. Got some minor groceries, enough to stop the muffin excuse (I don’t even like them all that much anyway) and have real food lined up.

So, I’m getting there.

But I need to be in a successful mindset if I want to succeed… in either business or personal endeavors, and for once I’m really there. I know I can do this shit, really.
And I have a whole summer of time to do it in.

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