I’m really getting too old for this school crap. Just so glad another semester is done. Hating the toll I let it take on my body, not knowing if I can get all the way back to where I want to be in three months, but willing to work my ass off to try.

Update on Werkit coming soon. Slowly building everything.

Bunch of stuff to do this weekend, everything hopefully leaving me clean for monday for real work of my own to begin.

I fucked my average. Ended Type with a B. Dammit, fucking rubber cement and not being able to run home for forgotten shit.

Oh well.

I’m so tired.
Brain skittering back and forth between freed to think and explore and create… and just fucking broken.

Over the summer I’ll be working on spanish so that I can test out of the next class necessary… since they won’t offer it, and jump to the following one… since I’ve apparently decided I need a minor to keep me busy in school longer. What the fuck?

When you tell someone “I’m not doing fall plays” and then they put you in one… what do you really say to that? Like, dude, seriously?

So yeah, feel free to check out werkit… because it’s what I’m working on this summer, to get live in just a few short months. And hopefully Otto doesn’t have to work anymore dicky 12 hour shifts. Because that shit shouldn’t happen on a decent project manager’s watch.

I keep getting gmails. Like, one every minute. Bizarre.

Have I mentioned I’m tired?
Have I mentioned I’m bored?

I’m not bored, I’m just too tired to do work and too tired to think up something to do, but I’m not sleepy and it’s only 1030. Otto is in bed. Hopefully his headache is gone.
Uploaded some more photos to flickr. Need to get my portfolio, forgot to grab it today. Got an A, that’s nice. Still fucked the average tho.

Oh well.

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