Got home yesterday after waiting forever (as per usual) for luggage. By later evening I was feeling like ass, all stuffy headed and shit. Still not great today. Not so much sick as really bad head congestion and sore throat.

And today is our anniversary. 6 years, not much of a big deal, really. Everyone makes a big deal out of it, like it’s some sort of accomplishment. It’s not even as long as we were together before getting married… and I find my father’s well-wishes to be a little stupid, but then he did give us “his blessing” one year as a Xmas present, so….

Vegas was nice. We got along surprisingly well with our traveling companion. 4 days together and three nights in the same room, no problems. Most people I’d have skinned alive before all that.

Saw much, ate some, got to see Mystere (fucking most fucking awsum thing evar) and Bite (great as well). The clubs we tried to go to were closed (Pure with the PussyCat Dolls and LAX), at least one show was dark when we didn’t have a conflict (Deuce at our hotel), and by the time Tuesday night we found out MiX was open we were just too damn tired for a party.

Got to see the inside and outside of most of the hotels, at least a little bit, on the strip. got down to Freemont street which was more funner than I expected, prices were actually reasonable and the strippers were (according to K and Otto) Pure Gold quality, so nothing to write home about. One was hot, but I only got to give her money once, as then I was pounced on by a not-so-hot one who wasn’t getting the hint that we (I) didn’t want a dance from her. So on the way out I had to settle for just telling the hot chick I got interrupted as I handed her a stack of singles I didn’t get the fun of placing on her myself. It was funny, little else.

So not doing much now but being miserable in bed. Too tired and not feeling good to work out, with a body that sorely needs it. Stepped on the scale, not happy, and Vegas had nothing to do with it. *sigh*

It was a good trip. We’ll go back and see/do more at some point.

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