Vegas, baby!

Heading out in december for a few days and nights for “research” for The Misanthrope, which we’re setting in …. you guessed it… Vegas.

I might even get myself remarried by Elvis… just for the sweet, sweet cheese factor. YUM.

Now, to find a way to get all my shit into only carry-ons….

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  1. Lindsay Clark Says:

    Getting everything into carry-ons? Easy, babe. I did the entire ‘Wall’ tour with only my backpack. On the plane, wear jeans, tee, and sneakers. Pack: 3 tees, whole bunch undies/bras/socks, one fancy dress, one skanky nightie, one pair sandals, baggie of makeup/toiletries (hint: use old contact lens cases to hold face cleanser/moisturizer/etc etc). You’ll re-use your jeans (c’mon, they don’t get dirty) and hand-wash your tees and unmentionables. Done!

  2. Otto Hammersmith Says:

    Linz, I think the big logistical problem is the liquid ban putting a damper on our plans to bring liquor. :)

  3. Aoife Says:

    It’s not clothes I’m necessarily worried about. it’s a good camera, shoes, whether to bring the iBook… *Sigh*

  4. Lindsay Clark Says:

    iBook, no. Camera, how big is it? Shoes, whaddaya mean? Sneaks and sandals will be fine.

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