New shoes and upcoming vaca

I gots me some zapatos nuevos de moda… 2 pair actually, and they are darned fucking cute. I’m not sure which pair I’ll wear tomorrow, but either way I’ll be frickin HOT. :-P

In other news, Aoife’s dirty bulk continues this past week as her consumption level has gone up a notch but her expenditure levels have remained at nearly zero, resulting in a bit of a soft pudge that isn’t all that flattering, really, and surely means that this girl should get her ass to the gym before she needs a “wide load” sign attached to it and some backup beepers to warn small children and old people/cripple folks.

On the bright side, the huge rush has subsided and Aoife will now be able to cook and clean and work out again as per she should to not become a fat ass. Also, the Lisa Lampanelli (sp?) show last night was awsum and Aoife laughed very hard up in the first balcony.

Classes are over in less than a month with almost a month off afterward, and I SO cannot wait! So close. So close. So close…..
Plus, I should be getting NROL4W and that’ll be fucking awsum. And I’ll have time to make werkit logs for them and show everyone and have a damn fucking swell time getting rid of my swelled up ass and thighs.

Now back to the real world and homework, before bedtime comes and me be too sleepy…

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  1. Lindsay Clark Says:

    Arrh. Right there with you sister… touring with ‘The Wall’ was a little too much fun and left a little residue of extra booty on ye olde bottom. Pete is enjoying the ‘booty-on-loan’ … it will be gone one the weather permits me to cycle like a fiend once more.

    ‘The Wall’ was awesome… got to see much of the Canadian Maritimes and Florida… but there was definitely too much beer, sweets, and fajitas consumed, and not enough exercise!

  2. Aoife Says:

    For real! Dammit.

    Glad the tour was good, sounds like a great time.

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