Peace Dude

Mini monkeys a sign of peace

Only 2 more shows left. Tired I is, I want my evenings back. They’re going well, even with very low audience turnout and one actor sick.

Someone apparently wrote a nasty letter about how bad the show was and how many places they’ve seen Chekov (literally, a paragraph listing all the places they’ve seen a damn fucking play)… I told the director the appropriate response was to send back a note with 2 pennies telling him he can have his two cents back… :-P Basically the dude was complaining that it wasn’t all serious enough for him. Like the dude didn’t see the sublime comedy in a bunch of people kvetching about how shitty their lives are whilst they do nothing about it. Like the bored 8-year-old who doesn’t want to do anything you suggest. Heh.

I have a paper due I’m having a tough time with. Fucking sucks. It’s 1/4 of my grade. I’m so fucked. Barely started. Research paper. ugh.

Back to it then…

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