Coming close to hating this play. Disliking the near constant headaches, the lack of sleep, the inability to do anything else but.

Passive aggressive bitchy actress getting on my nerves.

Generally, I don’t know that I’d do this again.

It’s just apparently too much fucking ego bullshit if you don’t already know everything that you’re doing.

Plus, apparently, I shouldn’t have any sort of opinion or help to offer on a subject if I’m not actually some expert professional in the business for 20+ years.

And if someone makes themselves inaccessible by being angry and bitchy, and you don’t ask them something you should have known to ask them but you didn’t even know it was a question you were supposed to ask, let alone of them… you’re obviously #1, supposed to have asked them for their expertise (rather than them offering it, of course, even though it’s their job, apparently) and #2, supposed to have asked them even when someone else told them to do it. or whatever.

And if you’re so bothered by the lack of professionalism among college students in a non-arts school who are mostly novices, and you think the whole production so beneath you that you feel the need to insult the student actors, maybe you shouldn’t have deigned to walk among us to begin with. Just stick with your bit parts in movies and 20-year-old episodes of Matlock and let the rest of us actually enjoy this otherwise kinda neat experience.

Sound like I make no sense, I know, but it’s ok, I don’t fucking care. Some people are just fucking assholes and somehow manage to suck the fun out of stuff while still pretending that they’re not offended by your lack of neediness and that they’re “just there to help.”

If it’s your job to do hair and makeup and costumes, and the director has told you repeatedly to deal with an actress’s hair and makeup, why the fuck should she have to ask you when you’ve ignored the whole situation for 3 weeks?

Just wondering.

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