Night 2

We blocked Act 1, cut some stuff that doesn’t make sense in our changed location, rearranged a bit of other stuff, and generally had everything worked out soon enough to then have a quick run through of the Act and then break for the evening.

It’s hard sometimes to know what I’m doing with myself when I’m onstage but not supposed to be doing anything important. I don’t know… I feel fidgety and shit. Other people have good things to do or places to sit where they can lounge. But since I’m not this stupid wastrel of a character, being too lazy in my inaction doesn’t really fit.

There are some spots where the watching is fine, some spots where I’m doing things… but others are just awkward for me. ugh.

I’m not off book yet, I really need to be in like 3/4 days. I’m screwed.

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