Night 1

Rehearsal last night was a blast. We basically are setting Uncle Vanya in 1920s Louisiana… So a couple things will change. Nothing major, just that we use cars, not horses, and such. Basically everyone has to play their parts as outrageously, tragically comic. But straight. Kinda like The Office.

Except me. I’m the only sincere person in the whole damn play, who isn’t given to too much melodrama… withering away whilst loving a man who doesn’t notice me. How does someone play sincere? I’ve never done that before. ;-)

Anywho, I’m frickin exhausted. The melatonin doesn’t seem to be helping all that much. So I’ve kinda stopped taking it, because sometimes I sleep okayish kinda. I think I’ll start again, because otherwise I’m gonna go mad.

So yeah, readthrough last night, and now we start blocking the acts and moving on to making crap happen. And I have homework to do.

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