How to convince your husband not to go to a strip club

This was a search term this month.
I kinda feel bad. Poor husband.
I’m doubting the lady found what she was looking for here… wouldn’t you agree?

Although, seriously. If your wife has an issue with you going to a strip club, don’t be an ass and go anyway, ok? I mean, come on… If she’s worth it to you to be your wife and presumably make babies and shit with, don’t you think she deserves a bit of respect? At least learn to hide it better. Don’t get me wrong, I like titties and all, but surely it can’t be that important to you if it bothers her so much she’s searching the interweb for ways to get you to stop….

And what the fuck is with this h or se fuc ker shit?

Yes, this is what I do when I’m tired and too lazy to play games and such.

Speaking of which, having issues trying to move on in Dark Cloud 2. But the fishing is fun.

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