Nice Day

It is currently rather nice out. I’m in a tree-covered courtyard at school, in the shade, with a nice breeze. I’m bummed it won’t last, it’ll either get too hot or too cold, but for now it’s good.

I’m letting myself down, getting a bit behind on homework, but still able to make it and perhaps get ahead a smidge. Just not before classes today. I have projects that are looming, but one I sorta can’t get started on (I can, but since I said I’d take whatever topic he gave me, he hasn’t given me a topic. So I’ll have to man up and pick something, which is fine, but I said he could give me one because he wanted certain things done and I was giving him a chance to use me). Whatever. I’ll have a decision and start working on them.

I’m auditioning for our upcoming plays tomorrow, and I have some sort of professional association of designers to go to tomorrow that’ll hopefully be not boring and helpful to my endeavors. I’ll find out today if it’ll be fun, but I’m pretty sure I won’t worry about it, and won’t drag Otto along regardless, since I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to go.

I’m bummed there’s no power outside because I’m low on battery and I don’t want to go inside. Network is sketchy around here, and Belk is the only place to get decent reception, but inside has no easily accessible power and outside is, of course, outside.

I’m tired and not really eating well. Scattered, didn’t bring money with me (spent it on pr0n last night) and not even hungry most of the time. Headaches are daily with no idea why. Sleeping is not happening very much still, although Stan isn’t a problem much anymore. I’m damn sure not taking 17 credits next semester. I want this over with, but seriously I’m pretty sure ending up a wet, burned out rag isn’t gonna be helpful.

But it is a lovely day. Crap isn’t bothering me, actually. It’s nice and breezy and I’m in a pretty setting with some relaxation ahead of me as I do homework due today. Plus, my battery is about to die. Time for a walk.

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