Missing sleep

I’m exhausted. I rarely have the energy for a workout, certainly not one of any decent intensity. I spend most of my weekdays in classes or doing homework, my evenings doing homework or housework, and my weekends cleaning. I don’t sleep through the night, and it’s really wearing me down.

Everything winds up taking more energy than I have. Everything winds up taking all my energy and so I don’t have the energy to devote to the non-essentials of homework, housework, and classes.

Even on the weekends I can’t sleep in. It’s usually sleep with the help of something around midnight, and I start waking up around 5ish. I may or may not go back to sleep, but it’s always terribly unrestful after that. I’m not really awake and have the energy granted to me that sleep should, so it’s not like I can just get up and start my day… so it’s not like I get stuff done in this time period. I’ve tried. It just makes me even more exhausted during the day.

The lunesta or whatever it is … is basically useless. I sleep better with a benedryl or Excedrin/Tylenol PM. *sigh*

I’ve tried the routine, the bedroom is spotless, I’m not really terribly stressed at the moment as school work and home shit is rather under control, ….. what the fuck?

Dude, I miss sleeping. I miss the comfey feeling of falling asleep without the use of some drug that makes my body hard to move… I miss slowly waking up in the morning, stretching, and feeling good and rested and super comfey in my totally awsum bed.

Not fucking fair.

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