I need to get a handle on my new routine. I had a routine, and then school came and now my day looks different than it did 3 weeks ago. I have not adjusted, and my ability to stay on top of shit has suffered.

So, obviously, I need to get into a new routine. One that considers that I won’t be home till 4 most days, that I’ll only have a bit of time till Otto is home, that I’ll be even later on tuesdays (fucking chapel), that I’ll be out wednesdays, and that friday is one of the few times I’ll be able to make useful calls while in the privacy of my own home.

It’d also help if the house was in shape and I wasn’t behind on reading. (I’m not really behind on reading, I’m behind on notes for my reading… which is somewhere in between haven’t read and have read.)

And I need to work out more than just classes, so I need to get a new workout in order.

It’s not hard, it’s just inconvenient to have to come up with another schedule when I had one that was working and doesn’t now. A way to get all the chores and homework and housecleaning and workouts and cooking and other projects in.


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