On top of it

That’s really where I want to be. On top of everything. The house, workouts, school and schoolwork, eating, budget, organization… everything. I want this zen of just having everything move smoothly along, doing what I need to do and not thinking twice about it.

Getting there is the hard part.

I’m better than I was, but not as good as I’d like to be. If I’m not careful, school will take over (and considering I’m taking 17 credits this semester, it’s a tough fight). I was hoping to have everything in place before school started so that I could have just added in school… but that didn’t happen and there’s no going back… nor waiting 5 months for classes to stop.

Number one step is still to just get off my ass and stop procrastinating about shit. (This IS kinda doing that, but really it’s a brain dump so that I can do other stuff.)

You know, that’s always the key. Plans are good, and important. But you still have to get off your ass and plan and then do.

Everything works like that. Everything.

So, while I’m vacuuming I’ll be deciding my next routine. I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but it seriously needs to be something. I haven’t lifted in a week+ because I’m bored with what I have. I need something easy to do at home as well, as we’re not always able to get to the gym for an hour or two a night.

my musings from my workout log….

I don’t like (nor really want to spend the time on) long workouts, which outs most of New Rules at the moment, at least as written.
I don’t feel like doing high reps (more than 10).
Last workout was a simple compound split (2-day) in 3×8, before that was a 5×5 plan.

Maybe I’ll go back to 5×5, 3 exercises a day, 2 days. or 3 days. 2 days ideally so I can get each workout in once a week.

I have at the moment 2 days of yoga a week, which currently is mainly more stretching than anything else and leave my hips not wanting to do lower body work that night.
2 days of swimming a week that put about as much stress as I can handle on my shoulders, so if I lift after that it won’t be with a shoulder heavy workout.

I’m thinking squat-type, deadlift, bench-type but careful and not heavy, a row, a light shoulder press maybe if my shoulders can handle it, and I don’t know what else. Pulldown motions at the moment I’m trying to steer clear from, as well as dip-type work. Maybe something rotational… woodchoppers?

hmm, so off to ponder and get the shredded cardboard off the floor.

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