Not sleeping

I’ve been having a rough time of it lately. Between shit like the A/C bein’ all hatin’ on us and who the hell knows what else, I’ve been sleeping like shit. Barely sleeping some nights, sleeping shittily others, etc. It got a bit better, but then the a/c goes and we’re sleeping on the aerobed downstairs… which isn’t all that bad but it’s a queen and we’re used to a king sized temperpedic bed.

Anyway, so I went to the doc and I’m trying lunestra (sp?) at the moment… which doesn’t seem to be helping to do much other than get me to sleep in the first place. Otto says I’m almost as disruptive when I do sleep, and I still wake up around 5ish and then just kinda hang out drifting in and out of sleep till it’s time to get up. Since we’re using the aerobed at the moment, I can’t tell if that’s a factor of the sleeping arrangement or if it’s really just only helping a little. Hell, it could be Stan, too. His baths are definitely waking me up, but it’s not that tough to just get my arms under the covers and away from the kitteh tongue.

I’m exhausted. I’m sleep deprived. I’m easily overwhelmed, constantly hungry, ready to fly into an anxious fit any second. I’ve now got classes so I can’t really nap during the day, and even if I could I find myself rarely that tired. I just feel generally beat. The heat outside isn’t helping (even shitty a/c problems aside), I’m finding it hard to work out, I’m constantly hungry when I’m home and I’m having issues eating while at school.

On the other hand, maybe I’m just meant to operate on less sleep at the moment. Maybe that’s why I can’t really sleep more than 5-6 hours. I’m like mostly with it when I wake up. It’s later that I have issues. And, fortunately, at the moment I’m not like falling asleep in classes or anything, just sort of yawny and shit when things are moving slow.

So, I’m thinking maybe what I need to do is incorporate 2 sleep periods a day. At night, going to sleep at 12 with Otto, waking whenever I do… and then actually getting up when I don’t fall back alseep within say 15 minutes (or, of course, if it’s time to wake up)… and then another sleep when I get home. Like for an hour or 2. Which sucks because that’s the best time for me to do homework, when Otto’s not around and the house is quiet and there’s no temptation of other things. Not to mention that there’s cooking and cleaning and shit other to do as well. But I guess if I get up at 6 and don’t need to leave till 8 there’s homework or painting or whatever time right there.

See, this is why I think mornings are evil and the daywalkers that like them are also.

You know, I’m not even sure this is coherent. I’m hungry. Just took a nap and I’m still tired as hell. Have to leave at 8 tomorrow, have to make food for Otto with nothing here, have homework and notes and reading and shit to do, the house is a mess, I have paintings I need to finish, ….ugh.

Hey kit… hope your exams went well. More tomorrow you say? Hope those go well too. I be rooting for you. School sucks. Can’t wait for SOMEONE to be able to be finished and start moving on.

People say working sucks. I say it’ll be awsum when I can come home and fucking relax and play me some Zelda without sacrificing a grade in something.

Speaking of relax…..

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