Reality of an all girls school

It’s not what you think, probably.
#1 Far too many girls don’t feel the need to dress up or even dress, so they wear jammies to class.
#2 Those jammies are NOT made of silk/satin/see-thru/sexy stuff, they’re ratty-assed old fuzzy jammies pilling all over or of cartoon characters.
#3 A few too many are somehow, inexplicably, stuck in the ’80s. (I say inexplicably because they’re only 20, fer cryin out loud.)
#4 It’s like the real world, in that many are not all that much in the way of eye candy.
#5 A fair number of the ladies seem well on their way to butchhood.

Ah, on the bright side, at least I’m not surrounded by stupid girls who just want to be mommies and miss america when they grow up. (we have maps)

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