No ramp-up

Wow. Seriously.
Every semester for the past three years has had at least a week of taking it easy in my classes. There might be a bit of reading involved, but usually the hard work waited a bit. This year I’m apparently not getting much of a ramp-up, it’s just fill blown “hand in a 3 page response paper” and “read this chapter” and “do this pile of homework.”

My swimming class in prolly gonna be ok, although it might tax my shoulders more than I’d like, so I’m gonna get on bumping back up my rehab and prehab stuff to compensate and make sure I don’t tug my arms off. Yoga is interesting; I’ll prolly not have too many problems, as at the moment it’s mainly just a stretching session.

Otherwise I was hoping to get a few things around here finished this first and second weeks, but turning out to not easily be the case. I’m trying to get painting done, but then again the A/C unit for upstairs hates us with a vengeance and wants all our frickin money so… well, it’s tough.

Oh well. Homework to do. Read a couple chapters, read another chapter, write up a few things, do some online homework, write a poem, stand in front of a mirror talking to myself for 10 minutes… you get the idea.

4 Responses to “No ramp-up”

  1. kitmouse Says:

    Ooooooh, homework…I’d do some homework…

    Let’s trade! I can do your homework, and you can take my 4 hours worth of state licensure exams on thursday and friday, okay? Oh, but I’d appreciate it if you’d pass for me. Thanks. ;)

  2. Aoife Says:

    Hmm…. I donno. Let’s see…. WhaddaIget? perrrrsonallyyy… I onlee do it if I getz kissssesss. :-D

  3. kitmouse Says:

    Kisssssssssessssss? I DO live in CA, I’m sure there’s people around here that would be eager to kiss a cutie such as yourself… ;)

  4. Aoife Says:

    Is ok. I’ll be fine without one. Unfortunately, I have some whack attendance policies at school, I can only miss one thursday/tuesday… and then I don’t get an A in yoga. So… How about I just wish you “luck” and hope you do well (which, of course, you will) and then cheer you on?

    Besides, I’ve already done most of my homework anyway…. :-P

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