Another present

Usually I just give people some of my art as a present… cuz I have nothing better to do with it. (Now don’t YOU feel speshul if you’ve gotten something from me.) Really it’s that some pieces are made specifically for people, others are just things I’ve done than I don’t want around anymore. So to Gloversville I took with me a painting of my aunt’s granddaughter.


Anyway, I donno, I’m bored. Painting earlier today which is good, gonna make a few things for Otto, gonna finish another request. Prolly need to update my portfolio and my site. I’m gonna start taking orders for portraits, and selling the ones I have most likely. Stuff I have around will prolly be discounted since I’m looking to clear space and I’ve already done it.


I think I need to go get some ice cream.

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  1. Lindsay Clark Says:

    Love the painting!

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