Sex sells, I guess

So I went back to Gloversville for a drama-tastic family reunion. I got to see cousins that were doing well, there was drama I didn’t participate in, and otherwise am glad I’m home. I love my family members, but all together all at once is just a bit much for me. It’s one of the reasons I don’t visit often. I can’t just go visit one person, everyone else would be hurt/angry that I didn’t stop there, and you know how that goes.

So on our way out of there, we see a few interesting sights. The Thruway exit is in Fultonville, which is really just Fonda’s siamese twin, but whatever. Between the truck stop and the thruway ramp, there’s a gas station. It’s called Betty Beavers, or something like that.

Betty Beavers boob sign

And, in case you just weren’t sure what you were seeing, or somehow missed the important part, let me show at a slightly better angle…

Betty Beaver really big boob sign

Yeah… gas. You’re here for the gas.

At least she’s a patriotic little beaver…

2 Responses to “Sex sells, I guess”

  1. Lindsay Clark Says:

    Hey! No stealing our national icon.

    Well, at least she has a nice rack…

  2. Aoife Says:

    But she is wearing the starz & stripez… I guess that makes her ours, now. :-P

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