Holy shit this is a TON of fun.

My most recent creation after my workout last night…
thumbs up

Oh, and my workout….

It was cardio day at the gym, didn’t totally turn out that way.

Shoulder rehab
Y: 7.5×3+5×7, T: 7.5×6+5×4, W: 7.5×10, L:5×10
pb reach, roll, lift
cable external rotation 7.5×8ea
cable internal rotation 7.5×10ea

5 30/90 intervals
random level 7, 1.75 mi, 21 min, avg hr 139…

whilst on the elliptical I watched 4, count them, FOUR women and 1 man on the good girl machine. It was really enough to drive me insane. I couldn’t help myself, I just kept thinking over and over and over THIS IS NOT GONNA GET YOUR FAT ASS NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sheesh! I know I played at it for a day, but it was a fucking joke, fer chrissake.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to squat.

(first 2 are ss w/ good mornings)
45×5 (ss w/ good morning 45×10)
65×5 (ss w/ good morning 65×5)
135×1 (PR)

Course, all those girls and boys on the adductor and butt blaster and leg extension (reading a BOOK!!) machines were gone by the time I was loading a pair of 45 pound plates onto the bar and squatting atg with them (I failed the second go, but whatever, it was a spectacular showing anyway)… so they didn’t get to be overcome by my awesomeness… prolly just as well for their sakes…

by the way, I fucking rock!
just sayin…

So now my 1RM for squat is 135 and it means I can officially use the big girl plates now. Well, for 1 rep at least.
I didn’t bothering doing more or going higher because upon failing the second rep I had a bar with a shit-ton (for my poor arms) of weight on the safetys and not on the hooks, so I had to unload to bring it back up. So, I just decided to finish out my workout with a couple sets of 95 till I dropped (which I did after rep three on the second after-set).

It’ll be more impressive when I’m back to a weight that’s less than I squat, but at least that’s possible now.

I have a feeling I’m gonna pay for this today, but hopefully not till later and I can get to the flax oil and foam roll and whatnot first.

And has anyone seen the logs I’ve made for Otto over at his blog? In a few more days I’ll prolly have some samples up.

I should prolly stop making idiotic pics and get to work cleaning my messy house or something…..

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  1. Lindsay Clark Says:

    Nice one girlfriend! yes, those are not thumbs.

    You’ve got me hooked on - being an HP lover my current fave is the 2 cats ‘gon to chambur of sekrets. brb’.

    Hope all is well with you and Otto.

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