Can’t sleep. Can’t take anything because it’ll keep me down for longer than I have to sleep anyway. Probably the only reason I got to sleep the last few nights was taking meds (I was sick) of the PM variety. This sucks. I was thinking about painting or drawing, but I’m worried either will somehow bother Otto. Maybe I need to set up another workspace in my office once it’s cleaned out… except the light path from that would be bothersome too. Granted, he’s probably unbotherable and whatnot, but that doesn’t really make me feel any better.

It keeps up much longer and I might just go get the tempura I have and paint the walls with it… we could use a mural or 4 around… though my office isn’t yet a candidate, being a huge mess and all.

I don’t know what’s keeping me up. Stress that the HOA seems to be on drugs of some sort again with their panties all wadded up for reasons I’m pretty sure are just bordering on harassment… maybe. But I’ve been having problems before their note got here (a “final warning” about something there’d been no non-final warning about). It might be adding to my general mind stress, but I doubt it’s the cause.

Maybe I’m just the type who has bouts here and there? I didn’t exactly wake up early yesterday (sometime around noon, really) so I suppose it’s not like I’ve been up for 25 hours or something, but usually that’s not too much of a problem. Especially when I’m sick (or have been) and still don’t nap during the day. I’m usually worn out.

I’ve got things I could do, but I don’t really feel like doing them. I’d try sleeping in the guest room but there’s no use if I just can’t fall asleep… don’t ask me what I’m talking about, I don’t know.

I feel like I’ve gotten very little done this week that Otto’s had off. Monday felt really productive, Tuesday wasn’t so bad… then I got a little lazy… then I got sick. Still no idea why I got sick. (head cold, if you must know.)

I’m my usual bored self. I don’t really want to do anything, I just want to sleep. I don’t want to be productive, I don’t really want the bath Stan has just decided I need, I kist want to lie down, all cozy and comfey and sleepy and just drift off.

Headache. A bit hungry. I’ll try some cottage cheese in a bit, but the only thing I can think of for my headache (besides sleep that I need) will either keep me up or knock me out. I’m kinda tired, I guess. But not enough to be helpful to me, just enough to make me not want to be productive, just whiney on the interweb.

Maybe too many projects floating in my head. I could give a bit of time and write some shit out. Maybe I’m just not taking the time to empty properly, even though I’m writing down everything I haven’t captured already.

Anyone got a couple thousand they want to give me? I could use to be able to buy crap to finish a bunch of stuff (or start some for that matter) that would be nice to have done. Nothing important, just shit we don’t deem important enough to be higher on the “where does the money go” list.

Been too long since I’ve worked out. That’s part of the problem, of course. Whenever I’m slacking it gets harder to sleep… no expenditure of energy. Course, I’ve been SICK… but that’s why I never can sleep at night when I’m sick…

Complaining about it isn’t really helping. Wonder why…

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