Hoping for more content (workout logs)

I’m hoping to get at least a few sample workout logs up today. I’ve got the .pdf’s for New Rules of Lifting Break-In done, have been for a bit. However, we’re planning on a different site from either of ours to have this kind of stuff on, since we could, at someone’s request, cut, print, bind, and send them stacks of logs and whatnot. This is part of what I’d consider my graphic design portfolio, so that’s why there’s the page about it at theaoife.com, but it’s for something rather different otherwise, hence the different site.

So, I have to get that site up and running enough to get a few logs viewable for samples and feedback. I’m just so darned impatient, ya know? I have like 5 sites total to do… or something like that. I still have to revamp this site (theaoife.org), do Otto’s, do this other site I’m talking about — which has 2 names — There’s still some work to do on theaoife.com… sheesh. :-P

I think the first samples I’ll have up are a tracking page, a cardio page, a generic workout log, and Break-In. They’re all the same style, I’ve been only working on one style at the moment, and it’s the one Otto has approved (OCD nut that he is). They’re also only classic size at the moment, since that’s the size Otto uses. I’m pretty sure I’ll need another style for a different size… the font and decoration won’t work as well on a smaller page.

Anywho, I should stop rambling on about this shit and just get it done. I’m just… getting fried, I guess. Overwhelmed at how much there is to do and crap like that. Not a lot overwhelmed, as in I’m fearing for my mental health again… Just a little bit.. that makes me want it all done already so I can play Animal Crossing and shit.


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