New Workout

So I’ve left the 5×5s for a bit, moving on to an A/B every-other-day (most of the time) workout. So that if I (or Otto) need to look it up:

squat 3×6-8
alt db bench plus 3×6-8
bulgarian split squat 3×6-8
cable row 3×6-8

deadlift 3×6-8
traveling lunges 3×6-8
romanian deadlifts 3×6-8
good mornings 3×6-8

There’s other stuff involved, but that’s the gist.
Things like shoulder rehab, core work, cardio, recovery, etc.

Squat day was fun sunday, but I’m just finally getting over paying the price, so deads have had to wait. changing up the reps just a bit is, apparently, killer.

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