Things I did today

I often feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, even when I have. So, when I have a lot to do, I of course make a list. So that I feel like less of a slacker for today, I have….

-encoded 2 movies for backup
-printed out log pages for Otto
-fixed the 3×5 temporary cardio log and printed out a few of those as well
-uploaded some forms/logs to begin gathering them for others to view/use
-freed up an extra 30G on my external drive
-uploaded pictures and created images to upload (didn’t go pick up the prints though)
-caught budget up to date.
-paid a couple bills
-worked out (spin class)
-read some of Getting Things Done
-cropped images that are needed to get done for backup purposes, so that I can delete the folders and free up space
-cleared my email inbox to less than 5 messages
-cleared my gmail inbox to less than 5 messages (current, important conversations are all that remain showing)
-designed a classic size recipe page
-cleared out about half of my desktop inbox
and, of course, I posted monkey pictures on my JP log.

I’ve started my list for tomorrow. As it is, moving forward is pretty good. It’s clearing up all the back shit that is such a pain in the ass. But, I’m getting there. Slowly, slowly getting there.

Oh, and I started working on my website… one that isn’t just a bunch of images made from Illustrator. yay.

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