Damn shoulders = crappy bench

Yeah, that was a crappy lift. Had to totally lower my bench, down to 75 and 65. I think I’ll just keep it at that for a while, not try to up it. Maybe alternate and do some dumbbell presses as well… meanwhile work on my shoulder p/re-hab and shit.

So last night had the following fun sights at the gym:

The 2 ladies…
The two ladies were working out with the dumbbells. Good for them. They each had a 7.5 pound weight, held it at their side, raised their other arm to their head (as in when you do crunches) and then did these bending exercises I assume were meant to be like side crunches… while standing up. It was bizarre and very Jane Fonda. Then they switched to the 10 pound dumbbell overhead tricep extension. They were your “mom” type… in their 40s and likely wore momjeans outside of the gym. It was pretty funny.

The frat boys…
Frat boy number one was on the chest press machine where he was banging out, with awesome speed, a large number of chest presses… with a staggering 45ish pounds on the weight stack. YAY HIM!

Frat boy number two was waiting for Otto to finish his benches in the power cage so that he could curl. Yes, curl. Not only curl… but curl loudly… by dropping the bar when he was done with a set. I suppose it’s only natural… those were some HEAVY curls… he had a big ole 2.5 pounder on either side of that oly bar… it musta been wicked hard.
Then, he needed to do swinging leg raises. Yes, I know you’re saying… “don’t you mean HANGING leg raises?” If only. But apparently he needed to swing himself pretty good to get the legs into a pike position. It was HAWT!

The Speed ladies:
There are some chicks at the gym that are so damn twitchy that you can only see their legs in a blur while they’re on the elliptical. While I do marvel at their inhuman ability to go that fast, I have to wonder… maybe their legs would be bigger than sticks and actually able to do real work if they just bumped up the resistance some and put some muscle behind it.

Ah, but all in all, out gym is nice. And if we get there at the right time we don’t have to deal with the annoying guy that likes to whistle on the cardio stuff and thinks that the best workout order is swim/spa-cardio-lift (machines only).

I’m now doing 125# RDLs… and the limiting factor is now my grip. I’ll be bringing in straps next time, that way when my grip fails (but not before) I can use them. And I don’t think my grip is gonna hold out for 135… which is where I’ll be next time.

Anyway, I’ve got work to do. I’m trying to get all the lift logs done so that I can set the pdfs somewhere and offer them out.

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