and it sucks.

Yoga wednesday took out my arms and shoulders and torso. Squatting last night brought down my core and legs, and the rows pretty much killed my back. Making today a pleasant day indeed… NOT.


My squat was good (as those following my JP log have seen) and I’m happy about it… I’m impatient to be working over the 100 mark for all my sets.

I can’t tell sometimes if I should be going more intense/more often or just keeping it as I am. It’s a constant fight between the impatient part of me that is capable of eating 800 calories a day with hour-long -plus workouts every day…. and the part of me that knows that’s idiotic bullshit… I just can’t tell if I’m doing enough. And I have a total aversion to working that much, or even close to it, because of idiotic things past… yet if I don’t see the progress I want at the speed I want I feel lazy as shit.

The past 2 years has been a slowly increasing, rarely decreasing (and then not much), number on the scale. And while I’d love for it to be all muscle, it SO is not.

What’s enough? What’s not? What’s too much? How much harm will I really do if I do what I know I shouldn’t? I mean, the results were decent last time, right?

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have some log pages up to show off my crap-assed layout and design skillz.

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