1 room down

80 more to go

ok, we don’t have THAT many rooms in the house… but we prolly have enough shit to fill that many rooms.

so slowly getting shit taken care of so that our house is a house where people live, not a warehouse where shit is stacked.

kitchen done. bedroom (sans sitting room) done.

still need to work on sitting room.

did I mention I’m going to Peace?

turning breakfast nook into shared space for taking care of household and other crap… leaving our offices free to get work done in, and therefore a bit more serene spaces without quite as much shit in them.

reading Getting Things Done. feeling less overwhelmed.

Today is laundry, cooking, spin class, painting, and a bit of organizing and such. That’s really not a lot. Already started on laundry. Don’t know what to cook, but the first stage is roasting chicken in the oven, so it’s nothing that takes lots of attention on my part.

So, I am going to:
put food in oven
go paint
pick up otto
spin class

See, it doesn’t sound so bad.
I think I need to eat, that’s what’s bothering my tummy.

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