Clean Kitchen?

I may have one in sight. I mean thoroughly cleansed. That would be nice. We’re getting ready this weekend to do a major gather and purge of all the papers and shit in the house… what needs to stay and be filed… what can just be tossed out with the trash. We have so much crap. *sigh* Other people don’t have this much crap. Why do we?

On the bright side, once this weekend is over I should feel ok about spending time doing other things… like painting and other fun stuff I’ve been meaning to do over vacation and have barely had time for… or at least felt like I’ve had time for.

Now if I could just get the wiimotes working… wtf?!?

One Response to “Clean Kitchen?”

  1. Paula Says:

    Yes other people do have that much stuff. And we occassionally purge too. Babysteps my friend baby steps! (And I feel for you because I’m in the middle of a purging cycle and know how overwhelming it can be to feel like you’re making progress).

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