Like a demon

Been to the gym a lot.
Much lifting and sweating has gone on.
This spin class thing makes a girl sweat a LOT.
Feeling better, body tighter, not any smaller, no real weight lost, but the scale is sloooooowly coming down a bit.
Teh suxor sometimes, others it’s good. Still not fitting into clothes bought a small bit ago, but in a few weeks I shall.

Joined the challenge about to start at JP, interestingly enough. Donno what my goals are yet but have a few days to set them.

Eating (except party today in which I had a few (read: many) cupcakes (mini, at least) and cookies) has been good. I’m starting to use traineo again a bit here and there to make it a little easier for Otto… but traineo overall isn’t a good solution for me when it comes to record-keeping.

It is late and I am sleepy. Just felt the need to say something.

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