I love me new gym

I reeeeeelllly reeeeeellllllyyy do. :-)

The intro spin class is about the right length and intensity, we’ve done it twice now, it’s fabu. The pools are nice, it’s nice to relax in the hot tub afterward. I have evidence that other people do, in fact, use the squat racks, but they’re not there when I want to work out.

I’ll see about some other classes in a bit. I’m not normally a class kind of girl, yoga was about the only thing I’ve been interested in before. The spin isn’t bad, but overall I just don’t necessarily care all that much. I should see about their yoga classes, at least the free ones. Right now I’m just wanting to lift and pump out some cardio and knock off a few pounds so that I have my old body back.

I’m not talking about the 120# one, although I want that back too, I’m just talking the one that means I’m 10 pounds lighter and certain things aren’t as difficult for me. Yoga is harder on the shoulders at the moment, makes it less likely I’ll go to class. My balance is wonky because I’m really not used to this weight.

I’m potentially interested in classes but right now it’s terribly busy as the gym is new and people are trying to cram in these classes, I don’t have many clothes that fit (and really nothing looks good, but more importantly very little feels good to move in), and I’m not a huge people person. It’s not a matter of motivation, it’s that I really don’t want to just jump into a bunch of classes right now, I want to get my sea legs back before I go looking.

Anyway, before I get off on a rant, it’s time for some food of the good-for-me-lots-of-green-stuff variety. so yeah. I like my gym.

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