I think my brain is seriously broken. I haven’t managed to have a fully coherent thought in some time now.

I’m working on finishing my proposal for design that was due wednesday but I didn’t get to finish because I have a nasty habit of biting off more than I can chew… so much so that I don’t ever realize I do it.

But other than that the semester is over and I’m back to cooking and cleaning and crap like that.

Hell, I don’t even have anything interesting to say. I’ve just been working on Super Paper Mario. I want to get a few paintings done soon, I’m gonna make some new jewelry, gonna learn how to make chain maille, cards… gotta print up some cards. I’m so looking forward to working on my own stuff. HA.

Stan and Flipper seem to like each other fine.
I might do something with my myspace page, but likely not much.
I got a message from Linked In… I should see what it’s about.

I took 48 seconds to change the look… I guess that’s a step.

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