Oh well

I’m in a weird place. This weekend turned out well, even though noone wanted to go to the strip club. So it was me and Otto and Sandy, and it was fun and hilarious and junk. Raney came down Saturday after not being able to make it friday, so the rest of the weekend was spent in hilarity also.

Now I’m just kinda back to meh again. I’m finally gonna get a workout in again in a bit, which is good. I’ve decided that strippers, especially hot ones, provide excellent motivation to get offa ones ass and get the iron on. I’m kinda sick of junk food, and I’ll be cooking this evening and stuff. I don’t know if it’s just the allergies or school finally wearing me down or what… but I just really can’t seem to garner much enthusiasm for anything at the moment.

The last few days have bounced my weight back up, of course, but it’s not like it was all that far down anyway. I only drank on my birthday. I’m back to the dry life again. I’ve decided I will not have another drink, period, until I’m under 130. End of story. (and yes, being a size 3 or something but a bit over 130 because of hot gurly muscle counts as being “under 130.” It’s a body, not a number.) No parties, no holidays, etc. No, this isn’t a big sacrifice, it’s not really meant to be. I rarely drink anyway. But once I’m willing to drink, I’m much more willing to do other things that ARE harder for me to abstain from… not because of the alcohol, but because if I am gonna drink… I might as well… *shrug*. So no alcohol.

I think I’m really gonna require a tightening of the belt. Like, no shit at all, period, end of story. Lately I’ve been really weird about stuff mentally, I’m not sure why. But honestly I can live with the deprivation. I just don’t like not being able to do things. I’m gonna have to though. Because otherwise I’m not serious enough, change is too gradual, and I never get anywhere. Before I went from 150 to like 130 in a couple months. I really should be in the 130s by now. So this shit has to stop.

Obviously, I just don’t want it badly enough yet to up it on the priority list.

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    3????????? Good LORD, girl, my BONES aren’t that small!!

    I’m going to fall over and die now, thanks. :P

  2. Aoife Says:

    Neither are my sister’s. I AM 5′3″, however. A girl your height but size 3 would be scary! Noone really likes the “I starve myself” look.
    No die! Not allowed.
    Besides, those frickin strippers were TINY. Like 0 tiny. MY bones aren’t that small.

  3. kitmouse Says:

    Oh yeah huh…I always forget about that whole “half a foot taller than average” thing…*sigh*

    I can’t imagine a size 0. Well, actually I can, I live in Southern CA. :P What I can’t imagine is a fully developed woman being that size!

  4. Aoife Says:

    Tiny hands. Kinda weird. The 8 inch platform heels meant I didn’t really notice how short she was till the couch dance.

    There’s a goodly number of teensy women around here, shorter than me or maybe up to my height. Kinda odd. Of course, a strip club would be a odd selection of the population and not truly representative of the whole.

    The couch dance one had fakes, the 1st lap dance I had was almost as small in body, but didn’t have implants so she was small everywhere. I can’t decide which looks more …. less freakish being that petite.

    Tall is hot. Short is ok, but it’s much harder to carry any extra weight anywhere when you’re 5 foot even… plus you’re worried you might break the poor little girl.

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